Wednesday, October 11, 2017

OMG, my last post was in 2016, yo! While no one may even visit this blog anymore, I’m happy to be back! Not sure how often I’ll be posting, but I’m here and that makes me happy…

Not trying to update where I’ve been, that could take a min, I’m just gonna pretend I never left. But to sum it up, I’ve been busy being a graphic designer. So, yay to that.

UPDATE: While I don’t believe every blog post has to contain original content, I am feeling weird about the image I chose for my “I’m Back” post. That being said, I decided that I’m going to create the graphics I can and “borrow” the things I can’t create. For example, I can’t produce a photoshoot of a spectacular home with a cool celebrity…. BUT, I can create a graphic that expresses the rambling of blogging! So, here it is…. blah, blah, blah….

Friday, July 15, 2016

AthleisureWell, hello there. I’ve been busy and apparently missed a few months of blogging. Yikes.

I’m back to say that if I wasn’t currently looking for work, I would buy everything in the Ivy Park collection by Beyoncé. EVERYTHING. I would begin by acquiring these items first.

Would it be too much to be fully clad in Ivy Park for the Formation Tour at Dodger Stadium in September…? (p.s. I’m soooooo excited!)

1. Hoodie

2. Parka

3. Beanie

4. Body

5. Sliders

6. Tank

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Vintage Signage

Vintage Signage

Vintage Signage

Vintage Signage

Vintage Signage

Images from: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Grand Park LA

While I had the unpleasant calling of jury duty today, it allowed me the opportunity to spend the day downtown.

Grand Park LA is right behind the courthouse so that’s where I spent lunch…

Grand Park / Pretty Haute Mess

Grand Park is a Los Angeles County park open to the public. It features cool seating, food trucks, a water fountain and an events calendar that includes yoga. The best part, in my opinion, is all the beautiful surrounding architecture.

Grand Park LA

All photos are my own

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Clothes Rack Ideas

Image source: Nordic Days

While we’re used to hiding away our laundry, nowadays there’s so many stylish ways to openly store and display our wardrobes, both in the bedroom and elsewhere.

Clothes Rack Ideas

Clothes Rack Ideas

Clothes Rack Ideas

Image sources: ArchiloversMy Scandinavian Home, Fashionismo 

And since I strongly believe that all design is related, the style of your wardrobe should aesthetically relate to your home design. Therefore, hanging a few of our favorites out in the open with clothing racks (including our favorite editorials!), actually transforms it into decor.

Clothes Rack Ideas

Clothes Rack Ideas

Image sources: Trendenser, The Style Files

And if you love fashion as much as home design, this is the most fun decor you could possibly add to your home.

Your home tells the story of who you are, and so does your wardrobe, so why not display it?!

Clothes Rack Ideas

Clothes Rack Ideas

Clothes Rack Ideas

Image sources: Decor8, My Domaine, Apartment Therapy

Not just for decor of course, clothing racks are also a great way to add more space to the tiny closet systems many apartments come with. So, whether there’s a lack of space in the existing closets or there’s no closet at all (which I hear happens in NY a lot)… These open closets are ideal and actually look great.

Clothes Rack Ideas

Clothes Rack Ideas

Image sources: We Heart It, La Maison de Anna G

Thursday, January 14, 2016

You know that space that men talk about, where they can get away from the world and just chill? Yeah, well women need one too, so how about we just create caves and leave the gender out of it? The answer is simple, some of us women want a pretty space, without all the leather and animal heads…

I was invited by Chairish to design my own woman cave, featuring one of their cool barstools… Here’s what mine would look like.

Woman Cave / Pretty Haute Mess

My space would be modern, but with lots of warm textures and a mellow color palette. The cloud pendant and poufy sofa are perfect for the type of space used for lounging. And I love these brass metal barstools with a pale yellow upholstery so my friends could chill around the bar area. Chances are though, there’d be more food than alcohol, knowing me.

Get this look:

Chandelier / Ikea

Sofa / RH Teen

Pillows / H&M Home

Pouf / Target

Area Rug / Urban Outfitters

Brass Sconce / Schoolhouse

Glassware / Crate & Barrel

Bar Cabinet / CB2

Barstools / Chairish

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Have I mentioned how much I love Instagram, I think I have. What I try to tell people who don’t understand why I’m on my phone all the time (mostly my mom), is that the amazingness of your feed is all in who you follow.

Here’s a few of my current favorites in the lifestyle category…


1. Hannah Bronfman

2. Kelli Lamb

3. Local Milk

4. UniqFind