Thursday, October 30, 2014

instagram / Pretty Haute Mess

1. There’s a new Joan’s On Third in Studio City, which opened about a month ago. I’m really excited about it since the other one is in mid-city on 3rd street and it’s impossible to get to it because of parking. Plus it’s just a lot farther for me now that I live in Sherman Oaks. This cafe/market is somewhere I can see myself making a second office when I’m no longer working full time. There’s yummy food and desserts, but most importantly great design and atmosphere.

2. Not sure what all of you are doing for Halloween tomorrow, but I’ll be watching Gremlins with the kids (my cat and dog). Lamont will probably end up at a party since he likes people.

3. The weather in L.A. is not as cool as I would like it, but it’s definitely cooler and it’s helping me get out of the office more for lunch. Even if I just run a couple errands, it’s nice to get out since my office doesn’t have any windows.

4. I’m so excited for the little re-design going on in our apartment. We’re making some changes in our shared office and if all goes as planned, it’s going to be awesome. Little hint: large white desk! However, currently I want to pull my hair out with the mess that exists in our entryway and office (which share the same wall). I gave my niece our white console table, but haven’t found (or built) the shelving I want for the entryway yet.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Dream Big / Pretty Haute Mess

Today is a big day in the Magee house.

Lamont has been a paid writer for several years now, working from home, coffee shops, etc. Along the way he’s had several crappy jobs, some worse than others. But everything changed Friday evening when he got a call from his agent…

He received his first staff writing job offer for a TV show. It starts today. He will finally get to sit in his first writer’s room.

In the Hollywood world, this is huge. Aside from finally getting paid what he deserves, this job will most likely lead to more dream writing gigs.

There’s really no way to express how proud I am, besides writing it out in this post. He got his first Final Draft software about seventeen years ago. He never went to film school, but rather taught himself how to write screenplays. He’s constantly ignored people, mostly family, telling him he’s wasting his time and should get a real job.

He taught me by example how to ignore everyone and just fucking do what you want. Eventually the hard work and perseverance will pay off.

For him, it finally has.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Not sure why, but I’ve been paying closer attention to bathroom designs when I’m trolling the internet for home inspirations. I’ve been finding some really nice designs lately and most of them are minimal and organic. I love this one below from Modern Home Decor, especially the black claw-feet of the free-standing tub, wood floors and white subway tiles. So, pretty much all of it.

Bath Accessories / Pretty Haute Mess

I can only do so much with my bathroom design in our current apartment, but that’s ok. Simple design is the best design so I’ve kept it very minimal.

My resolution, as the temperatures drop, is to take more baths. I’m always in a hurry and just end up taking showers, but I plan on lighting more candles and reading more books…

Bottom line, I’m excited for Fall and all the cozy bath times ahead…

1. Sisal Bath Scrubber via World Market

2.  Candle via William Sonoma

3. Sisal Bath Mitt via World Market

4. Bath Robe via Nordstrom

5. Soap Stones via CB2

6. Shower Curtain via Dwell Studio

7. Fringe Towels via Crate & Barrel

8. Bath Tea, Salts & Cream via Crate & Barrel

9. Room Freshenervia William & Sonoma

10. Bath Caddy via Bed, Bath & Beyond

11. Trash Can via Crate & Barrel

12. Bath Mat via Anthropologie

Friday, September 26, 2014

inspiration / Pretty Haute Mess

*Print sold on Society6

Friday, September 19, 2014

I used to have so many regrets and beat myself up about some of the decisions I’ve made regarding a career. I would obsess (and still do sometimes) about how I would do things differently or at least just faster. I’ve always been extremely jealous of people who knew what they wanted to do at a young age.

Bedroom / Pretty Haute Mess

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” – Albert Einstein

But the good news is, I’m finally in a place where I’m actually happy things haven’t been easy and I didn’t take a direct path to where I am now. This journey, with a million forks in the road (even before I started design), has forced me to really figure out what I want to do, rather than just settle for a job title.

I’m also learning that there’s really no end to this process. I’ll need to continually redefine the kind of design work I do…

Up to this point, I’ve created my own little niche where I do graphic design and write about interior design. Working from behind the computer makes me really happy, which is a little weird. I never thought this is where I’d end up.

The difficult part about creating my own dream job is that I can’t just go on a job search site and find a listing. It’s a little harder to find work that fits a specific niche. For now, I found a day job doing what I enjoy, which is design writing, social media and photo styling. This job helps fund my freelance design life.

I’m not sure how my work is going to evolve or redefine itself from here, but I’m happy with the niche I’ve carved out for myself.

What have been your career challenges along the way?

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Fall Style / Pretty Haute Mess

Over the weekend I did a little shopping. I don’t know about you, but I’m the type of person who buys a bunch of stuff at a time and then doesn’t shop again for a little while. Two reasons…

  • I’m an all-or-nothing type of person. It’s not like I never buy one piece of clothing if I see something I like, but I usually don’t want to shop until I’m really feeling like my closet needs an upgrade. And at that point I usually need a handful of stuff.
  • I really don’t like shopping. To be specific, I don’t like shopping for shoes and clothes. I find it exhausting and emotional. However, I love shopping for the home. Never a problem.

Well, my closet needed an upgrade so I went shopping. I left Lamont alone to write and headed out. I bought stuff that can be worn together and also mixes well with some of the stuff I already own. That’s typically how I shop, it’s easy and it’s how I like to dress most days. Meaning, I wear a lot of the same thing with slight variations.

My favorite purchase was from Oliver Peoples… I finally found a pair of specs I love. Thanks to my parents, because it was a birthday gift. I should get them at the end of this week or beginning of next and I can’t wait!

I bought two pairs of jeans from The Gap, one gray and one black. They are way more comfortable than jeans are supposed to be. I also bought a pair of boots, since I didn’t have a basic boot with a heel. At only 5’2″ I need a heel sometimes. Now, as much as I love my purchases from The Gap, I just keep hearing Ryan Gosling in my head, from the movie Crazy, Stupid, Love….

“Be better than The Gap.”

I also bought a bunch of basics from H&M, like some more pants, tops and this long black tank. I got a couple pieces from Forever 21, including this super comfy cardigan. Lastly, that marble necklace from A Merry Mishap will go with EVERYTHING. I keep my accessories to a minimum, so I like to find one piece I stick to for a while and then move on.

I’m proud to say, this is the first time I’ve gone shopping when I wasn’t totally happy with the way I looked. I usually only shop when I’m thinner, which as you can imagine sucks if I put on any weight. Since I’m someone who has a pattern of gaining and losing weight, it would make sense to have some basic pieces in a couple sizes. I’m still not 100% sure if this qualifies as accepting or settling, but I’m giving it a shot and seeing where it takes me.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Photography / Pretty Haute Mess

1. This has become one of my favorite little spots in the apartment. I love the old architecture style of the windows and the tied up drapery. There’s always a nice breeze coming through. Keep in mind, if you don’t like wrinkled drapery, don’t try this at home. I happen to not care. That’s a lie, I care, but I’ll do anything for a nice breeze.

2. As a proud and loving mother, I will never admit that Bishop looks anything but adorable, but admittedly he does need a grooming pretty badly. Dogs like him start to get little knots when their fur gets too long and their parents prefer grooming appointments over brushing.

3. I finally made it to the hardware store yesterday which is approximately three miles from our apartment. We needed anchors for the large screws that came with our new sconces. We received the cool light fixtures a month ago, but have been avoiding putting them up since neither of us like to take responsibility for creating holes in the wall. Our apartment is pretty old and the walls are not the best. Alas, we got them up and they look amazing. There will no doubt be photos taken and a blog post written, so stay tuned.

4. These are the sconces we bought from Triple7Recycled for each side of the bed. I love them so much! There was also a white and brass option, but I’m happy I got the black. Now, I just wish I had them up when our apartment was photographed a few months ago.

5. I took this photo because it perfectly captures what a Sunday should be. At one point we had so many different blankets in all different colors, mostly brown. Now, we finally have a consistent color palette of textiles in the apartment and it makes me really happy.

6. I’m getting really tired of the hot weather in Los Angeles. When I saw some clouds I got a little excited, but of course they didn’t result in any moisture. Also, after almost three  years in this apartment, I still can’t get enough of our bougainvillea archway in the entryway of our complex.