Friday, November 27, 2015

I am not moving today, the day after food day (aka Thanksgiving). I refuse to suffer in crowds today, even though some of the deals are pretty great. I just can’t do it this year, don’t want to. But also, there are so many small online shops with great deals and even better products than you’ll find in the malls. Here’s my shopping list in case you’re interested in being lazy, yet efficient, like me….

Black Friday Shopping

BYRDIE BEAUTY: Your one-stop-shop for all things beauty. Because Sephora will be hell.

BITTE: Don’t you want your kid, and your friend’s kids, to look way cooler than the Gap Kids?

SOCIETY 6: The list of types of gifts you can get from Society 6 is endless, and way cool.

THESE ARE THINGS: Looking for small gifts with big impact, this is the online shop for you.

COTTON & FLAX: Get your home ready for the holidays with some stylish textiles.

BODIE & FOU: Great gifts for you and your friends, if you love modern home decor.

EVEN ODD: Shop cool and sustainable, this shop has awesome backpacks and key chains.

TIRO TIRO: Really pretty jewelry and a big selection for being a small, indie shop.

HEDLEY & BENNETT: Get your cooking gear ready and on-point, there’s lots more cooking ahead.

CLAUDIA PEARSON: Great indie shop if you’re looking for fun patterns.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Rocha Apartment / Pretty Haute Mess

All photography by Roberto Ruiz for Arch Daily

Uh guys, I’m not even fully into super modern spaces but I’ve put all that craziness aside and now I want to live here! In Barcelona, Spain. Kthanks.

Rocha Apartment / Pretty Haute Mess

Rocha Apartment / Pretty Haute Mess

Wait for it….. my favorite corner in this home.

Rocha Apartment / Pretty Haute Mess

Rocha Apartment / Pretty Haute Mess

Rocha Apartment / Pretty Haute Mess

Also, now I want to create line drawings of all my favorite spaces… Look for it in every interiors post from now on. Maybe. But how cool is this….?

Rocha Apartment / Pretty Haute Mess

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

While most girls get upset when their lipstick color is discontinued, I’m the type of girl who mourns over $32 sheets. Damn you Target! I can’t even buy my Swiss cross sheets online!

I do have to say that while I was online I did notice a handful of really cool home items (I feel like I’m cheating on Ikea here). Speaking of… Hey Ikea, have you thought of bed sheet styles other than solid colors?! Just sayin’…

I’m clearly having issues with both Ikea and Target, but I’ll be fine. In the meantime, check out this cool stuff from Target…

Target Home

I love a good industrial desk lamp. Ikea has a great one as well, but sometimes they’ve been unavailable, out of stock I guess. Here’s a nice alternate.

While these succulents are fake, they’re pretty and I like the simple mini pots.

I’m always down with a classic, black pendant light.

Extend the black and white palette to the kitchen with this cool Cuisinart toaster.

I will never love a bed sheet pattern more than my Swiss cross sheets, but admittedly these dash patter sheets are pretty cool too.

I was pretty surprised to see furniture that wasn’t blocky or overly mid-century modern, I like these black Windsor replicas.

While this Swiss cross bath mat is cool, I WANT MY SHEETS BACK!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Parents always screw up somehow, right? Even when they try their best like my parents… What is arguably my parents biggest flaw was their decision to remove an old black, free-standing fireplace in one of their bedrooms (similar to the one below). They removed it! I’ve been to therapy, but nothing helps.

Vintage Fireplace_8

Source: Dwell

While the one above looks rather new, it’s a nice take on the old fireplace style that I’m obsessed with. And that bold, black contrast in that space is perfect.

In related news, I really can’t get enough of those vintage Swedish fireplaces, which can often be found in every room of the house, including the bedroom.

Here’s a few of each… enjoy!

Vintage Fireplace_1

Source: My Scandinavian Home

Vintage Fireplace_3

Source: Automatism

Vintage Fireplace_6

Source: Love Nordic

Vintage Fireplace_2

Source: SF Girl by Bay

Vintage Fireplace_4

Source: My Scandinavian Home

Vintage Fireplace_7

Source: Casa Simples

Vintage Fireplace_5

Source: Amara

You’re welcome.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Apartment in Rome_Est-Magazine

Source: All images from Est Magazine

Announcement… I’m moving to Italy. My husband doesn’t know yet.

Specifically to this apartment. The simplicity and the elegance is to die for, but then there’s also a modern element which just about rounds out all my favorites.

Apartment in Rome_Est-Magazine

Apartment in Rome_Est-Magazine

The architectural details are just so good… the balcony doors, archways and wood floors. The interior design is beautiful with the pairing of modern furniture and classic pieces. I have no words for that shelving…!

But no matter how great the interior design is, it’s the architectural details that really are so much more than “details” in any home or apartment. This Italian apartment wears both beautifully.

Apartment in Rome_Est-Magazine

I like it when kitchens look like just another room in the house, not the “kitchen”. Check out that sconce in the dining room…!

My jaw is still dropped by the flooring details…

Apartment in Rome_Est-Magazine


I will pretty much buy anything that has that stairway to the roof.

Apartment in Rome_Est-Magazine

Did you think all of that was it?

Nope, check out that view…

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Loft Style Home

Source: Planete Deco

While it might be strange, a huge house has never been my dream home. I love cozy living and loft style homes seem to provide a more connected way of living.

Even loft homes that are a bit more spacious are still more connected than a home with walls…

White Loft Home

Source: Vosgeparis

This all-white loft home above is beautiful, and I love the pops of dark grey and black. I also love the mix of materials with the wood ceilings, tile floors and brick walls…Perfect.

Loft Home

Source: The Style Files

This loft looks like smart people live there, maybe it’s all the books. The metal stairway and railing pair perfectly with the metal doors and seating.

Those ceilings and skylight…!!

Studio Loft Home

Source: The Design Sponge

While much smaller in square footage, I consider this studio a loft style home as well. I fell in love with it when I saw it on Design Sponge because it reminded me of a studio apartment my husband and I lived in several years ago. It wasn’t easy living in such a small space, but we actually grew much closer while living there and were sad to leave…

I remember how extremely challenging it was to make one large room a home with a bedroom, living room, dining room and office. But it’s that challenge that makes design so fun.

Friday, October 30, 2015

I’ll be posted up in front of Netflix or Vudu watching scary movies and eating sweets tomorrow, that’s my yearly Halloween agenda. What will you guys be doing?

Let’s embrace Halloween’s standard color palette for the modern home, shall we?…

Modern Black Orange Decor

Source (top right image): Town & Country Magazine

1. Blanket via Story North

2. Drinking Glass via CB2

3. Sofa via Hive

4. Accent Pillow via Urban Loft

5. Wall Hooks via Schoolhouse Electric

6. Measuring Spoons via World Market

7. Planter via Dot & Bo