Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Well, hello blog how are you? Long time no see. I’ve been busy working on some illustrations and having a lot of fun. But today I’m stepping away from that to recap my Dwell on Design experience.

Dwell on Design is always a fun event. I’ve gone a few times now, usually through whichever design job I’m currently working at. This year I attended representing Euro Style Lighting, where I manage social media and their blog as my day job.

I had a lot of faves this year and no doubt one of them was the Living Home (which was for sale by the way!). The interior design, completed by DISC Interiors, was beautiful. I wanted to roll up the vintage black + white geometric rug in the nursery and take it home.

Lots and lots of living walls plus other greenness awesomeness everywhere! If you’ve never seen Urbio before you should check out their site. I love their product for plants, but it’s also perfect for office organization.

I was especially preoccupied with art and design throughout the showroom. Ronald Rupert Santos had beautiful work on display. The price was a little high for my tiny budget but if I could have forked it over, I would have! My fave was the one behind him, encased in an awesome medium wood frame that was about 3″ deep.

There was a huge wall dedicated to local artists, just showing off and working their skills. It was so cool.

I just loved the type and display at this all-pink booth. Totally caught my eye. I sort of got in trouble for snapping this photo (some booths are really picky) so I ran off before grabbing a card.

I think I spent the most time at the vintage poster booth for Vepca. I could not pull myself away as they kept showing each poster and there were tons. They’re all original designs printed on canvas. Not quite as expensive as Santos, but still over my budget for the day.

And if you weren’t inspired enough, you could sit down and create. There was an area dedicated to creating homeless shelter move-in kits. Anyone could create wall art, textiles and tables. So cool.

At the end of the day, we stayed for the keynote speaker who was Michael Graves. He is brilliant and entertaining. So glad we stayed instead of trying to miss some Friday traffic.

It was a really great event this year, can’t you tell?! If you attended, I’d love to hear what you thought.

However, the next day I went on the Eastside home tours, which I was not happy with AT ALL. The homes were super far apart and with Saturday L.A. traffic that made for a bad combination. One home couldn’t be found using Google maps, a couple others had zero parking. The few homes I did see were not all that impressive. I had hoped Dwell used a higher standard (and better logistical planning)… If you wouldn’t put it in your magazine don’t send me driving to find it!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Switching up my Haute Home series a little and having fun with a loft studio. One day, maybe this will be the space I’m styling for myself. The funny thing is, I probably wouldn’t ever have a studio space this “fancy” and curated, but it was fun to style nonetheless.


Chandelier via 1st Dibs

Conference Chair via Plummers

File via Ikea

Conference Table via DDC


Desk Lamp via Euro Style Lighting

Desk via West Elm

Desk Chair via Blueprint

Wall Clock via Finnish Design Shop

Flat File via Blick

Lounge Sofa via House of Fraser

Lounge Chair via Zinc Door

Side Table via Mitchell + Gold

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Over the holiday weekend Lamont and I enjoyed an afternoon at LACMA. I like museums. They’re calm, inspiring and always changing. But admittedly, I love the architecture most. Here’s some iPhone snapshots from our Saturday jaunt.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Some of my best childhood memories are when we would vacation at Lake Powell on a houseboat. It was amazing! You fall asleep to more stars than you’ve ever seen and wake up to the sound of tiny waves hitting the rocks. Every day we would explore the expansive lake, play on our water toys and beach the houseboat somewhere different each night.

If you ever get the chance, it’s a great vacation. Just pack a bunch of food, collect some awesome people and plan to be off the grid. So… why not make it a more permanent thing? How awesome would it be to live on a houseboat???

1. Origami Pendant via Studio Snowpuppe

2. Wood Chair via Hive

3. Pestemal Towels via Poketo

4. Wrap Bench via CB2

5. Notepad via Rifle Paper Co.

6. Fireside Tools via Hive

7. Birdfeeder via Branch Home

8. Say the Word Mug via Kate Spade

9. Pouf via Dwell Studio

10. African Hamper via Fab.

11. Lemongrass Loveseat via CB2

Top Image via I wish I knew. Email me if you know please.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

As a designer, possibly the hardest and yet the most fun part of designing any space is stepping outside your comfort zone of style. Although I love the exterior of this home, I might have designed the interior differently if I were going to live there. I decided to go with the vibe this home was giving off. It’s very minimal and pure.

1. Hood Chandelier via Brendan Ravenhill

2. Hat + Coat Stand via Ikea

3. Superstructure Easy Chair via Finnish Design Shop

4. Half Moon Storage Basket via Ferm Living

5. Shanty Lamp via Generate

6. Uno Black Elephant Pillow via Euro Style Lighting

7. Extendable Table via Ikea

8. Piazza Storm Velvet Sofa via CB2

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy Spring everyone! I came across this jaw-dropping architecture and couldn’t help but do a product round up… cause that’s what I love to do. What a perfect Spring-inspired photo! What are your outdoor plans for the Spring?

Zesty Curved Bobbies via Anthropologie

Scotch Naturals Nailpolish via A-Thread

Farmhouse Lounge Chair via A + R Store

Mixte 3 Bike via Linus Bike

Swirl Talk Plate Set via  ModCloth

Marc Jacobs Leather Handbag via Shirise

Baby-G Jelly Watch via Nordstrom

Ross Lovegrove Rectangular Table via Hive

Marci Patent T-bar Points via TopShop

Friday, December 14, 2012

Sometimes I stumble upon a room that makes me just stop and stare. I almost feel like I can relate to it in a way. If I were a room, this is exactly what I would look like…

This dining room is the perfect balance of modern, rustic and recycled. Clean white walls with a hint of art work is my ideal wall decor. The modern black + white palette is mitigated by the natural wood finish of the oversized dining table. And no perfect room of mine can go without some plant life.

I just recently snagged that floor lamp for an awesome deal that I’m still giddy about, but I need everything else in this dining room STAT, including the high-ceiling architecture with huge windows!

The entire home is designed with this perfect balance. Normally I don’t like pale wood finishes, but these floors are so calming. They create a clean palette for all the modern and vintage furnishings.

And talk about wood finishes, check out the office! I have no words. I’m inspired just looking at this photo so I can’t even imagine actually working there. Amazing.

Images: Design*Sponge