Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Loft Style Home

Source: Planete Deco

While it might be strange, a huge house has never been my dream home. I love cozy living and loft style homes seem to provide a more connected way of living.

Even loft homes that are a bit more spacious are still more connected than a home with walls…

White Loft Home

Source: Vosgeparis

This all-white loft home above is beautiful, and I love the pops of dark grey and black. I also love the mix of materials with the wood ceilings, tile floors and brick walls…Perfect.

Loft Home

Source: The Style Files

This loft looks like smart people live there, maybe it’s all the books. The metal stairway and railing pair perfectly with the metal doors and seating.

Those ceilings and skylight…!!

Studio Loft Home

Source: The Design Sponge

While much smaller in square footage, I consider this studio a loft style home as well. I fell in love with it when I saw it on Design Sponge because it reminded me of a studio apartment my husband and I lived in several years ago. It wasn’t easy living in such a small space, but we actually grew much closer while living there and were sad to leave…

I remember how extremely challenging it was to make one large room a home with a bedroom, living room, dining room and office. But it’s that challenge that makes design so fun.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Ok, my title was a bit corny, but so appropriate right…?

I have somehow collected a ton of stairway inspiration while living in a 1-bedroom apartment. Dreaming, one might say, but take a look…

White Spiral Staircase

Source: Planete Deco

It’s not just the stairs that are brilliant in this all-white home. Those dark floors! That skylight! I can’t imagine a more perfect studio space.

Black Stairs Inspiration

Sources: Archi Lovers, Dering Hall

How about going bold with a black staircase or awesome pattern…

One is so simple and the other so loud, yet both are classically cool.

Modern Staircases

Sources: Arch Daily, Dezeen, Tree Hugger

Concrete and wood is a favorite pair of mine.

I’m also enjoying these two examples of pale wood staircases. The one of the left is so wide and I love the sitting area at the landing in front of those huge windows. Take a look at the one on the right, how about a garden under the stairs…?!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

If you’re loving your dark, moody Halloween decor this month, you’re not wrong! Go with your gut and keep the drama in your decor year-round.

Here’s some ideas…

Bugs Decor

Source: Ellos

Bugs are always a fun choice. You can add a little more plastic spiders during October, but why not include these not-so-furry creatures somewhere in your decor year-round?

It’s like adding a little life to your home without having to care for it.

Modern Skull Decor

Source: The Chic Street Journal

This is just too obvious, skulls always look great in any vignette. They add drama and a little darkness, both of which I’m a BIG fan.

It could also be my Latin half speaking to me… death is not perceived quite the same as it is in the US. Rather than something scary, the Latin culture views it as special and something to be respected.

Are you a little more feminine than dark, no Latin genes in ya? Go with a metallic skull and a softer palette of decor surrounding it.

Halloween Design Style

Source: Elin Lannsjo, Polyvore, PopSugar

Don’t want actual bug-style decor in your home, but want something similar… How about those spider-leg wall lights?

Or, maybe just go with a dark color palette and use a little more black in your interior architecture.

The gothic aesthetic is beautiful year-round. It doesn’t necessarily have to be gaudy and full of tapestry… This simple bedroom style is gothic, yet still a little modern in its minimalism.

Black Townhouse Architecture

Source: The Ultralinx

Hell, step outside your home and go dark with your architecture.

This townhouse looks like the moody, odd one of the bunch and I think that’s awesome.

Monday, October 26, 2015

My guy and I have been talking about future plans and dreams, as couples do, and lately my dreams have been all about lake houses. Now, since I’m rather complicated, the dreams do alternate between rustic and modern. Take a look…

Scandinavian Lake House

Source: Dance Magick Dance

This pretty much looks like a dream, right? While I can’t find the location, I believe it’s in Norway or somewhere in those beautiful parts.

For me, it’s the epitome of what a lake house should be.

The plans we’ve been discussing is that ideally we go somewhere like this every year for AT LEAST a month…

Modern A-Frame Lake House

Source: Indoors/Outdoors

To be honest, it’s not a question which lake house I would choose between the first one and this modern masterpiece above… But it has to be acknowledged.

Not sure if it’s the stillness of the water or the angles of the architecture, but it’s really is beautiful.

Black Lake House

Source: Evocative Synthesis

This black lake house is in a close second to the first one.

That door! Those stone walls! That black with white trim! Not to mention that beautiful hillside directly behind it.

I also love the vertical design, I can only imagine how interesting the interior architecture is. And that room at the very top… the perfect studio? I think YES.

Modern Lake House

Source: Minimalisti

This is a modern lake house I could actually live in. I think the other one up top is a bit too modern.

The surrounding landscape in ALL of these inspiration images look cold and moody… basically, perfect.

Tough call, which would you want to be your yearly lake house?

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Is this an interior designer thing, or do you all see a home you love from the outside and then mentally design the interior just for the heck of it? Either way, I’m ok with the fact that I do this. A lot.

Townhouse Architecture / Pretty Haute Mess

Interior Ideas / Pretty Haute Mess

Although I’m a modern girl living in a Scandinavian-style apartment, I love a great townhouse with a classic interior. Schoolhouse Electric is a great resource (see links below) when you want a more traditional look with modern undertones.

In fact, I’ve just decided right now, one day I’ll have both, a modern apartment and a more transitional-style home.

It’s settled… Done.


Inspiration image via My Design Chic

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Could this be the modern style home with the best view ever? Yup. Could I live there? Nope. For starters the architect and engineer I would need to hire to ensure my safety would be way too expensive and paying for anyone slightly unqualified would no doubt lead to a larger savings but inevitable death.

Modern Architecture / Pretty Haute Mess

All that said, I can’t help but stop and stare at this amazing architecture. It really puts to shame all those uber-expensive homes along PCH in Newport, crammed right next to each other, fighting for coastal space. This home fights with no one, it’s the king of all coastal architecture.

Although I couldn’t live here (budget aside), it does help me realize that what I really envy is the privacy.

Modern Architecture / Pretty Haute Mess

After living in about 13 different apartments throughout Los Angeles over the last couple decades, I just want my own space. Especially now that I have a dog. I did get quite lucky with my current apartment and found one in a small complex that doesn’t share any walls with neighbors. There’s still no private outdoor space, which I’m really craving lately.

One day, I’ll have my own modern architecture and outdoor space…

Images: Design Taxi

Thursday, August 29, 2013

I have a new goal….. at some point in my life I will live and work in a loft that looks just like this one. I have career goals, sure. Relationship goals, of course. Personal goals, no doubt. But mostly, it’s all about the environment I accomplish all of these goals in, right?!

I know, not really… But it’s super pretty, right?!

Images via Pure Green