Tuesday, November 17, 2015

While most girls get upset when their lipstick color is discontinued, I’m the type of girl who mourns over $32 sheets. Damn you Target! I can’t even buy my Swiss cross sheets online!

I do have to say that while I was online I did notice a handful of really cool home items (I feel like I’m cheating on Ikea here). Speaking of… Hey Ikea, have you thought of bed sheet styles other than solid colors?! Just sayin’…

I’m clearly having issues with both Ikea and Target, but I’ll be fine. In the meantime, check out this cool stuff from Target…

Target Home

I love a good industrial desk lamp. Ikea has a great one as well, but sometimes they’ve been unavailable, out of stock I guess. Here’s a nice alternate.

While these succulents are fake, they’re pretty and I like the simple mini pots.

I’m always down with a classic, black pendant light.

Extend the black and white palette to the kitchen with this cool Cuisinart toaster.

I will never love a bed sheet pattern more than my Swiss cross sheets, but admittedly these dash patter sheets are pretty cool too.

I was pretty surprised to see furniture that wasn’t blocky or overly mid-century modern, I like these black Windsor replicas.

While this Swiss cross bath mat is cool, I WANT MY SHEETS BACK!


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