Thursday, November 12, 2015

Parents always screw up somehow, right? Even when they try their best like my parents… What is arguably my parents biggest flaw was their decision to remove an old black, free-standing fireplace in one of their bedrooms (similar to the one below). They removed it! I’ve been to therapy, but nothing helps.

Vintage Fireplace_8

Source: Dwell

While the one above looks rather new, it’s a nice take on the old fireplace style that I’m obsessed with. And that bold, black contrast in that space is perfect.

In related news, I really can’t get enough of those vintage Swedish fireplaces, which can often be found in every room of the house, including the bedroom.

Here’s a few of each… enjoy!

Vintage Fireplace_1

Source: My Scandinavian Home

Vintage Fireplace_3

Source: Automatism

Vintage Fireplace_6

Source: Love Nordic

Vintage Fireplace_2

Source: SF Girl by Bay

Vintage Fireplace_4

Source: My Scandinavian Home

Vintage Fireplace_7

Source: Casa Simples

Vintage Fireplace_5

Source: Amara

You’re welcome.

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