Wednesday, November 11, 2015

I love Instagram… I know social media has a bad rep because the theory is that everyone who’s on their iPhones “connecting”, are actually “disconnected”, blah blah blah. Well, what about those people who would be disconnected with or without technology….??? Like me.

I’m not a very social person, I like staying home. And if I do go anywhere I really don’t mind going alone… coffee shops, movies, museums, etc. Social media gives me an outlet and enables me to expand my very tiny world. I’m able to connect with others and share my life. More importantly, find people all over the world who have similar interests like design, travel, fitness, food, etc. I’m able to connect with them and express myself when I would otherwise be talking to my fur children my husband or my mother….

I’m also able to play the photographer I always wanted to be, but didn’t really want to be. I’m more observant wherever I go because of it. And not in a ‘oh, I have to post this’, but in a ‘wow, that makes a cool shot’. Of course sometimes it has nothing to do with the shot, but rather just sharing and connecting.

Instagram Recap_Pretty Haute Mess

All of this being said, here’s a little recap of some very recent Instagram posts. I never post too much in my captions so I’ll expand a little with some of these (starting from the top down):

Speaking of going places alone, I’m picky about what gets me out of the house. It wasn’t a question when I attended a book signing in Culver City last week to support my friend Marcia Prentice. If you love interior design and traveling, you will love her book “How We Live”.

My husband and I both work from home right now, so we’re able to do what we want when we want (this also means we’re constantly concerned about our savings balance, so don’t be too jealous). Recently, one morning we headed to our nearby newsstand, bought a few magazines, then headed to our favorite brunch spot Vivian’s in North Hollywood. We both sat there, obviously not on a first date, looking at our magazines in the cutest urban jungle.

I’m proud to announce that I just had my third photoshoot in my apartment. This home tour will be published on Houzz, not sure when but I’ll keep you posted… The first home tour I did was for Simply Grove and it featured a complete re-design of the place. Soon after, I re-designed her blog, so be sure to check it out! The second home tour was for The Everygirl and I made a few updates to the place for that one. I’m so grateful for both of these and was super excited when Houzz contacted me a few months ago.

Since I’m rather happy with how apartment looks now, there wasn’t much to update for this one, besides a few succulents. However, I did make one huge change because I finally gave up trying to accept the ceiling fan in our bedroom. Since we rent, the most I’ve done is paint an accent wall, mount a TV and switch out the hideous brown ceiling fan in our office for a clean white one (the owner won’t even notice as long as there’s a fan there). But I finally found an easy solution for getting rid of the bedroom ceiling fan without dealing with electrical stuff. I took apart the fan, the blades, glass bowl and one other annoying piece so all that was left was a small white base and a bulb (I quickly replaced the ugly bulb with a round Edison). Next, I decided to turn the Ikea “cloud” pendant into a flush mount (I just didn’t buy the cord and bulb that goes along with it). Turns out, it was the best option for what I needed because I could crinkle and form the paper layers around the base of the fan, essentially just hiding it. Now, I have a functioning light, just turned off the fan, and I didn’t electrocute myself…voila!

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