Thursday, October 29, 2015

Ok, my title was a bit corny, but so appropriate right…?

I have somehow collected a ton of stairway inspiration while living in a 1-bedroom apartment. Dreaming, one might say, but take a look…

White Spiral Staircase

Source: Planete Deco

It’s not just the stairs that are brilliant in this all-white home. Those dark floors! That skylight! I can’t imagine a more perfect studio space.

Black Stairs Inspiration

Sources: Archi Lovers, Dering Hall

How about going bold with a black staircase or awesome pattern…

One is so simple and the other so loud, yet both are classically cool.

Modern Staircases

Sources: Arch Daily, Dezeen, Tree Hugger

Concrete and wood is a favorite pair of mine.

I’m also enjoying these two examples of pale wood staircases. The one of the left is so wide and I love the sitting area at the landing in front of those huge windows. Take a look at the one on the right, how about a garden under the stairs…?!

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