Tuesday, October 27, 2015

If you’re loving your dark, moody Halloween decor this month, you’re not wrong! Go with your gut and keep the drama in your decor year-round.

Here’s some ideas…

Bugs Decor

Source: Ellos

Bugs are always a fun choice. You can add a little more plastic spiders during October, but why not include these not-so-furry creatures somewhere in your decor year-round?

It’s like adding a little life to your home without having to care for it.

Modern Skull Decor

Source: The Chic Street Journal

This is just too obvious, skulls always look greatĀ in any vignette. They add drama and a little darkness, both of which I’m a BIG fan.

It could also be my Latin half speaking to me… death is not perceived quite the same as it is in the US. Rather than something scary, the Latin culture views it as special and something to be respected.

Are you a little more feminine than dark, no Latin genes in ya? Go with a metallicĀ skull and a softer palette of decor surrounding it.

Halloween Design Style

Source: Elin Lannsjo, Polyvore, PopSugar

Don’t want actual bug-style decor in your home, but want something similar… How about those spider-leg wall lights?

Or, maybe just go with a dark color palette and use a little more black in your interior architecture.

The gothic aesthetic is beautiful year-round. It doesn’t necessarily have to be gaudy and full of tapestry… This simple bedroom style is gothic, yet still a little modern in its minimalism.

Black Townhouse Architecture

Source: The Ultralinx

Hell, step outside your home and go dark with your architecture.

This townhouse looks like the moody, odd one of the bunch and I think that’s awesome.

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