Monday, October 26, 2015

My guy and I have been talking about future plans and dreams, as couples do, and lately my dreams have been all about lake houses. Now, since I’m rather complicated, the dreams do alternate between rustic and modern. Take a look…

Scandinavian Lake House

Source: Dance Magick Dance

This pretty much looks like a dream, right? While I can’t find the location, I believe it’s in Norway or somewhere in those beautiful parts.

For me, it’s the epitome of what a lake house should be.

The plans we’ve been discussing is that ideally we go somewhere like this every year for AT LEAST a month…

Modern A-Frame Lake House

Source: Indoors/Outdoors

To be honest, it’s not a question which lake house I would choose between the first one and this modern masterpiece above… But it has to be acknowledged.

Not sure if it’s the stillness of the water or the angles of the architecture, but it’s really is beautiful.

Black Lake House

Source: Evocative Synthesis

This black lake house is in a close second to the first one.

That door! Those stone walls! That black with white trim! Not to mention that beautiful hillside directly behind it.

I also love the vertical design, I can only imagine how interesting the interior architecture is. And that room at the very top… the perfect studio? I think YES.

Modern Lake House

Source: Minimalisti

This is a modern lake house I could actually live in. I think the other one up top is a bit too modern.

The surrounding landscape in ALL of these inspiration images look cold and moody… basically, perfect.

Tough call, which would you want to be your yearly lake house?

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Commented on Monday, October 26, 2015

Cheers to lake houses! Happy Nesting.

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Commented on Monday, October 26, 2015

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