Tuesday, September 1, 2015

While I pride myself on being a bit of a tom-boy and not really enjoying make-up and hair, I do love taking care of myself. Like with most girls, it’s abnormally thrilling to walk into a Sephora and spend too much time (and money). However, for me, great complexion and healthy hair is more important that how much I can bend my eyelashes…

I like a fresh face of make-up that takes 5 minutes tops. Here’s my breakdown for the anti-girl daily products. Whether you’re a minimalist like me or you’re just looking for new products to try, hope this helps a little…. (I also just had fun creating this graphic on my Wacom, which I don’t get a chance to use as much as I’d like.)

Pretty Haute Mess / Beauty Products

1. Obaji SPF 50 / I didn’t start wearing sunscreen until I was 30 and spent most of my 20’s trying to get a great tan. When I did start to wear sunscreen I struggled to find one that worked well and didn’t make my face white. This product was recommended to me by a dermatologist and I love it! It’s non-greasy and rubs in well so you don’t have to apply makeup over it if you don’t want. And it works!

2. Anastasia Perfect Brow Pencil / Eyebrows have always been a weird obsession of mine. I happen to have super dark, thick brows, thanks to my Mexican half. In grade school, before I plucked or trimmed, I used to apply clear mascara to tame them. Not a good look. This pencil/brush combo is perfect for filling in the little areas needed to make a shapely brow… and I love their taupe shade.

3. Obaji Nu-Derm System / The entire system is great, which includes a rigorous routine of several products, but after six months you’ll see a big difference in any sun spots or inconsistencies in your complexion. But now, as maintenance, I only use one product, twice a day. “Clear” (step #3) helps maintain a fresh, blemish-free complexion. I never miss an application!

4. Borghese Brightening Hand Cream / While this has nothing to do with face or hair, I think the hands are really important too. I’ve noticed women who take excellent care of their face, but their hands tell it all. This hand lotion isn’t greasy, dries fast and has a subtle, pretty fragrance.

5. ‘Diorshow’ Volume Mascara / I’m still trying out different mascara’s… I’ve mostly used Rite-Aid or Clinique mascaras up until recently. I started investing a little more money to see if it makes a difference. So far, I love it.

6. Sephora Collection Color Lip Last / I usually wear a nude lip, even in the evening. I’ve tried the goopy stuff, regular lipstick, etc. This stuff is great if you love a matte look. It feels great and it lasts! They also have tons of color options…

7. BECCA Ultimate Coverage Concealing Creme / There really are no words for how important under-eye concealer is, especially at 38. This stuff is great for evening out skin tone, but also as a primer for the lids. It holds on to shadows well, powder or cream. It feels moisturizing, which is good if you’re like me and only wear under-eye cream at night. It also blends in really well, which is important since I don’t wear makeup on the rest of my face.

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