Monday, September 8, 2014

Photography / Pretty Haute Mess

1. This has become one of my favorite little spots in the apartment. I love the old architecture style of the windows and the tied up drapery. There’s always a nice breeze coming through. Keep in mind, if you don’t like wrinkled drapery, don’t try this at home. I happen to not care. That’s a lie, I care, but I’ll do anything for a nice breeze.

2. As a proud and loving mother, I will never admit that Bishop looks anything but adorable, but admittedly he does need a grooming pretty badly. Dogs like him start to get little knots when their fur gets too long and their parents prefer grooming appointments over brushing.

3. I finally made it to the hardware store yesterday which is approximately three miles from our apartment. We needed anchors for the large screws that came with our new sconces. We received the cool light fixtures a month ago, but have been avoiding putting them up since neither of us like to take responsibility for creating holes in the wall. Our apartment is pretty old and the walls are not the best. Alas, we got them up and they look amazing. There will no doubt be photos taken and a blog post written, so stay tuned.

4. These are the sconces we bought from Triple7Recycled for each side of the bed. I love them so much! There was also a white and brass option, but I’m happy I got the black. Now, I just wish I had them up when our apartment was photographed a few months ago.

5. I took this photo because it perfectly captures what a Sunday should be. At one point we had so many different blankets in all different colors, mostly brown. Now, we finally have a consistent color palette of textiles in the apartment and it makes me really happy.

6. I’m getting really tired of the hot weather in Los Angeles. When I saw some clouds I got a little excited, but of course they didn’t result in any moisture. Also, after almost three  years in this apartment, I still can’t get enough of our bougainvillea archway in the entryway of our complex.

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