Saturday, August 9, 2014

Until recently, Lamont and I had lived with mostly hand-me-downs and old college furniture. It’s taken a while for us to create a home we actually like, but we finally did.

Sort of like the way I feel when it comes to my life, our home has taken a long time to figure itself out. We’re gettin’ there…  It’s the journey that’s important, right?

Living Room / Pretty Haute Mess

Since I have an interior designer background, Lamont gave me ownership of the design. I could do whatever I wanted as long as it functioned well for the both of us. It was really fun to inject some personality into the apartment, and I’m proud to say I did it on a pretty small budget. I kept some things, bought some things and made some things. There’s more that I’d like to do and will do in the near future, but that’s just part of being a designer.

The downside of actually liking where we live is that I was already an introvert and now I want to stay home even more. Unintended side effect I guess, but worth it.

Living Room / Pretty Haute Mess

One of my main goals with the design was to create a clean, modern aesthetic with a comfortable, lived-in feeling. Hence, the buying of some things and re-purposing of others.

Decisions were made based on style of course, but also needs. For example, I bought the black sofa shortly after adopting a dog and knew I wanted a dark color. I already had the colorful rug, which has been perfect for a cat who vomits weekly.

Making function work with style is both the challenge and the reward, especially with pets.

Living Room / Pretty Haute Mess

Living Room / Pretty Haute Mess

The awesome basket-style ottoman was a lucky find in my parent’s garage. It was super faded from being outside and they were about ready to throw it out. I added some finish to it and now it might be one my favorite pieces, besides our Ikea-hack TV console and my One Nordic pillow. I’m also pretty in love with our art. The Los Angeles typographical poster is from Ork Posters and the “Small Talk” is from One Must Dash.

These glass boxes that I’ve stacked are vintage, they belonged to my grandmother, then my mother and now me. I can never figure out what to put in them, but I sort of like how they look empty and stacked.

Entry Console / Pretty Haute Mess

Entry / Pretty Haute Mess

Don’t you just love Target?! I would have spent way more for this cool table lamp on our entry console, but alas Target had it for $25.

Go ahead, be jealous of our oversized bougainvillea…isn’t it gorgeous?! My parents used to have a huge one in front of their house before a tree fell on it. I’ve loved them since I was a child. It’s one reason we chose this apartment!

The wood “hope” chest was an 8th grade graduation gift from my parents. My hopes and dreams used to be in there, now it’s just blankets.

Office / Pretty Haute Mess

I love a clean office space, but I also want it to feel like my space and have all the tools I need around me, so my desk will never be as minimal as I may want. My husband and I share this desk and I think it’s turned out pretty great for both of us.

I’m making sure to buy my Stendig calendar before they sell out this year, it will make a huge difference I think.

And since this photo shoot, I replaced my Bamboo tablet with the Wacom and I love it so much. It’s worth the extra money if you’re in the market for one. I also like that my new one is all black and doesn’t have that green trim. It’s the little things.

Bedroom / Pretty Haute Mess

I wanted to keep the bedroom simple and comfortable. For a little while I had some placeholder sconces, but I finally found these on Etsy and I love them!

I initially wanted an all-white bed, but I like the gray and black additions. I actually purchased the blanket to protect the white duvet cover from our pets. It’s worked, but now I just have a snagged gray blanket.

Bedroom / Pretty Haute Mess

Bedroom / Pretty Haute Mess

The house has a couple DIY’s, both because I think it’s fun and you can make something exactly how you want it, but it also helps with budget. I made the wall sconce above and my dad made the hanging planter. Both were pretty easy and straight forward.

Kitchen / Pretty Haute Mess

Kitchen / Pretty Haute Mess

Although I won’t be selecting teal and yellow tile when I have my own home, I sort of like our kitchen with it’s old tile design. Oh, and thanks to Meyer’s, there’s the perfect hand soap for our kitchen. Again, it’s the little things.

Bathroom / Pretty Haute Mess

Lastly, our tiny little bathroom. The smaller the space the more impact tiny elements can have, like the little wood plate and basket for extra toilet paper. Oh, and if you love the shower curtain as much as I do… Ikea, $7!

Stay tuned as I’m sure I’ll slowly be making small changes…

*Photography by Alyssa Ratowski


Kristin B
Commented on Saturday, August 9, 2014

You know I’m a big fan! You have so many great pieces throughout and knowing what I know about you, I think it’s pretty easy to see your influence & personality coming through. It’s very you! :)

Commented on Saturday, August 9, 2014

It’s all about the journey…Elytis’s famous saying applies to everything even the nest. Happy Nesting!

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Commented on Saturday, August 9, 2014

I love your place Cori! The highlights for me were your workspace and the fauxdenza.

“My hopes and dreams used to be in there, now it’s just blankets.” Hahahaha. Nothing wrong with hoping to curl up with a blanket and dreaming about the next time you’ll do it! In High School, I was so busy and so sleep deprived that every morning I calculated how many hours it would be until I could get back under the covers. It was easier to get out of bed knowing I could come back in 7 hours, harder if it was 12-14 hours.

Commented on Saturday, August 9, 2014

Hey, your place is gorgeous! I found your site while scouting paint colors and had to ask—what’s the brand and name of the paint color you used on your walls?

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