Sunday, December 15, 2013

I haven’t posted an Instagram round up for a little while so I think this is the appropriate time to bring that back, since there’s about to be lots of pictures taken… It was a big weekend for us. We rescued a 2 1/2 yr-old Shih Tzu-Poodle.

His name is Bishop Lulu Magee.

We’ve been wanting a dog for a while, but keep putting if off because we haven’t wanted to deal with introducing a new dog to our cat. Also, we keep waiting for when we have more space (currently we live in a 1-bdrm apt). Early last week, I decided we needed to stop waiting around to do stuff we want to do and Lamont agreed. So we started the process, which wasn’t easy thanks to our landlord. There’s other dogs in our small complex so that wasn’t the issue. He’s just really weird and moody and it’s not someone you want controlling your life decisions, but it all worked out ok.

Better in fact…. Lucky Puppy Rescue in Studio City has a relationship with Lululemon Athletica¬†across the street. Every year, Lulu asks Alice (Lucky Puppy owner) to pick one family who really wants to rescue a dog, but could use a little help with the $400 adoption fee. Initially, I had asked Alice to make payments and I later let her know that our landlord was giving us a hard time with the pet deposit which meant we would probably just have to back out. Well, she told us that we could wait to start paying her if we wanted, but she knew she had something better up her sleeve. Alice picked us to be the recipients of Lulu’s donation this year. So when we were doing all our paperwork, the Lulu girls walked in and presented us with the gift. It was truly amazing. We couldn’t be more appreciative.

Now you know how we came up with the middle name. His first name is from Walter Bishop. If you don’t know who this is, you need to Netflix Fringe immediately. We were going to name him Walter, but chose Bishop instead and we sort of love it. It looks super cute on his little doggie bone name tag.

Today has been interesting to say the least…. We introduced Jolie to her new brother and then while Lamont had to go help out his sister, I’ve been mediating and comforting both Jolie and Bishop. They’ve been pretty good, considering. But it will take some time for sure, since they’re both pretty uncertain of each other and this new situation. If any of you have done this before, please leave a comment with any thoughts or suggestions.

The cool shot of downtown was taken this morning when we picked up our animal crate before heading over to Lucky Puppy. We turned around and saw that…. pretty cool.

It was also Lamont’s birthday on Saturday and it will be my brother Juan’s birthday on Wednesday, so we had a little hang-out at the park on Saturday with my parents, Juan’s wife and three kids. We ate bagels and then pie. Not exactly a well-rounded brunch, but it worked for us.

So, if you like doggie pictures and don’t follow me on Instagram yet, get on it!

Have a great week everyone!


Commented on Sunday, December 15, 2013

Awwww, congrats on the new pup!

miss alix
Commented on Sunday, December 15, 2013

Yay for rescue dogs. Congrats.

I found rescue remedy (there’s a pet version) helped with my cats when we introduced them.

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