Wednesday, October 30, 2013

For the last month, everyone at work has been calling me “Grumpy Cori” since I don’t want to dress up or partake in any departmental talent show (Halloween is HUGE at my office which is weird). Although I do not regret my decision and gladly take on the “grumpy” title, it has left me wondering why I hate dressing up so much and really don’t love Halloween. Pretty much the only thing I ever found fun was eating ice cream and watching scary movies at home. Fuck dressing up, fuck trick-or-treating, fuck parties…. you get the idea.

Now, had I been this cool when I was seven years-old things may have been different. This is one rad Swedish girl’s interpretation of a punk bat. Yup. Awesome, right?

Back to my sad story…. I think the reason I don’t love Halloween as much as the next person is because I was raised with a super paranoid mother. I could never get ice cream from the ice cream truck in case the ice cream was poisoned just like I could never go trick-or-treating without looking through ALL my candy for holes before eating it. Otherwise, I might chew on a razor blade or be poisoned! I also didn’t want to get kidnapped because apparently that’s what happens to kids out at night in the dark. After all this, it just didn’t make the whole holiday very appealing to me.

Bonus, since my mother is Mexican she promoted Day of the Dead (November 2nd) way more than Halloween.

So there you have it…. I was scared of Halloween and I was the weird kid who celebrated death.

And as far as the dressing up thing to school and now to work…. One of the things I hate MOST in life is attention (cue my love for the internet). What brings more attention to you than some fucked up costume, especially if no one knows what you are?

This is all sounding like I should dress up as a punk bat and just go out tomorrow night, right?…… Ok, fine.

Nope, changed my mind.

Image from Mokkasin


Lesley Myrick
Commented on Wednesday, October 30, 2013

You should dress up on November 2. And I think the costume above is freakin’ perfect.

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