Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Growing up with two older brothers (one of them now in the film business) and being married to a sci fi geek (also in the film business), I am naturally a lover of the sci fi genre. Which means, I saw Elysium over the weekend. My favorite films are those that combine science fiction with social commentary, which Eysium does. If you liked District 9, you’ll like Elysium.

Concept art is Neill Blomkampā€™s visual shorthand.

What’s even more cool than (most) sci fi films is the preparation involved in making them. Fast Company wrote a cool piece about Elysium, Neill Blomkamp on Designing Dystopia in Elysium.

Blomkamp and his team did a great job branding the characters, creating logos, etc. As the director describes it, “Those details are the kind of thing I just go mental over.”

Love this guy.

Side note: Have you seen the newly re-designed Refinery 29? Love their new logo, but I also love their new content strategy. Not sure I remember seeing an article this cool on their site before… The Thinking Girl’s Guide to Science Fiction.

Images via Fast Company


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I dig this post Sis! You rock!!

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