Monday, April 1, 2013

I’ve always loved photography, but since I started blogging I’ve developed a real love and admiration for great photography. I’ve also discovered that not only is photography super hard, but interiors are pretty much impossible. Since I’ve tried taking pictures of my own place, I know this to be true.

When I spotted this photo below, I just stopped and stared for a while. The design, styling and the photography is perfect. So much is squeezed into this photo, from the living room to the super cool lighting in the dining room. And I love how the light fixture is like artwork in the top corner. This photo is smooth yet crisp and the lighting is perfection.

Small spaces seem to be the added challenge to photographing any interior. How do you capture everything when there isn’t enough room to even step back? The angles must be perfect. And again, the lighting is key. This small bedroom is perfectly captured in this photo, dog and all. You get just enough of each corner of the room in the photo and the angle isn’t too high or too low.

Likewise, this narrow kitchen is perfectly captured. I also love candid shots where you see the home owner interact with their home. It’s a much cooler shot to have her working in her kitchen along side her dog rather than a perfectly styled and empty kitchen.

I’m really curious what equipment it takes to achieve this quality of photography. I would love to chat with the photographer, Dean Kaufman and pick his brain. I should also take a class where I can bring my own camera and learn how to use it. Then, the next step would be owning a cool home like this to practice on…

Photos by Dean Kaufman for Dwell

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