Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hope you’re all having a fun and safe St. Patrick’s Day. My idea of fun is rounding up some pretty green inspiration images. This is one of the things I love about Pinterest. I had all these images pinned just cause… Well, today they served their purpose.

I am in love with these origami-style pendant lights and all the different colors they come in. I crave photography that promotes wishing for slow nights, vacationing somewhere gorgeous where you can actually see stars. Now, that architecture is awesome, but the photography is just as great, right?! Those mint Eames-style chairs need to be in my home. Good Time Color Riot is by far my favorite piece. Although, things like this need to be reconsidered now that I’ve chopped off all my hair. Hello mint bedding with a little contrast of black and gold.

As you can see, I’m still having a flower infatuation and this cool editorial shot just didn’t make it into my recent floral post. It’s so pretty, down to her pink lips highlighting the pink flowers. I love this photograph of an empty bus. It tells so many stories even though no one is in that image. All the experiences and personalities that have entered and left that bus, using it as a means to travel and move forward somehow, even if just to run errands. I need that minty, gold watch. And lastly, let’s toast (green beer of course) to always swinging from cloud nine and chasing our dreams….!

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