Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lately I’ve been sort of wrapped up in all the amazing designs that involve flowers, nature and growth. Whether it’s a chic editorial shot or a romantic bouquet, I think floral design is so inspiring.

And since interior design is one of my passions, I decided to let nature inspire me….

This living room is the home of of artist Kirra Jamison. Of course an artist lives there, right? Her space is modern yet vintage, colorfully balanced and clean yet lived in. Jamison’s living room, along with these flowers, feature a couple of my favorite colors, green + pink. But they also seem to have the same, stylishly-casual vibe.

These corsages are dark, moody, rustic and elegant… Just like this lofty cabin. The area rugs, drapery and throws are elegant, yet paired with such rustic architecture. I love the contrast.

I thought it was appropriate to pair edible flowers with cool kitchen design. And they both seem to have a delicate love affair with the color pink.

These flowers are such a beautiful mess, still in the boxes waiting to be arranged. Their lack of forced, over-styled arranging reminds me of this eclectic space designed by Justina Blakeney. She’s so great at creative reuse, pairing vivid colors and combining worldly, thrifted finds with modern elements.

Simple, elegant and understated perfectly describe both this moody interior and beautiful photography by Leentie.

I’m really not sure which is more striking, the floral lady or the powder room design. But no doubt, they’re both bold, linear and fabulous!

This living room is vibrant and full of personality. The brave pink ceiling is so fun, you can just tell that whoever lives there has an interesting life. In a much more delicate manner, these flowers and the lady’s dress give off the same worldly vibe and just so happens, a similar color palette too.

Simple spaces with pops of color are my favorite. This is Bri Emery’s bedroom and I’m in love with the pops of yellow, just like this gorgeous flower arrangement. There’s so much life and energy in the color yellow.

Retro-fabulous, right?! I could’t believe when I saw this floral party and immediately paired it with this colorful interior. Both have the perfect amount of retro style while still current and stylish.

This centerpiece, like this living room, is romantically vintage while both are also modern and minimally designed. There’s nothing more romantic than pastels.

Top image: Elle Korea

***I spent time putting this post together only to spend even more time searching for some of the image credits without success. If you know the sources, please contact me and I will add them.


Commented on Wednesday, March 13, 2013

love this!!!! that last room on the bottom right is up on my inspiration board! and your stop and stare is my latest obsession this week! now if this snow would just go… i’m ready for all of these pretty flowers!

Lesley Myrick
Commented on Wednesday, March 13, 2013

This post was TOTALLY worth the bajillion hours you put in to it. I love it!

Kristin B.
Commented on Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dude, love this!

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Commented on Wednesday, March 13, 2013

[…] having a flower infatuation and this cool editorial shot just didn’t make it into my recent floral post. It’s so pretty, down to her pink lips highlighting the pink flowers. I love this photograph […]

Commented on Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hello! I am trying to find the source of the very first image on your site (the woman with the yellow eyeshadow and flowers). Is this your image? If not do you know the source? Thank you very much!

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