Thursday, February 28, 2013

As an introvert, I love Twitter and Instagram. They’re my outlets. However, I don’t do either one as often as I’d like because I believe in just living life without an iPhone glued to my hand. These are just a few of my favorites lately.

I”m not a huge fan of “selfies”. If I were, then one of these instagrams would be of me with my new haircut. In an effort to get my swag back (not sure where I lost it), I recently chopped all my hair off and did a little shopping at Buffalo Exchange. I love my hair and the few great pieces I found to add to my wardrobe.

At least twice a month my husband and I grab breakfast at Phil’s over at the Farmer’s Market. And then we do our loop around The Grove since it’s next door. We’re usually there early so stores aren’t open yet, but Barnes and Noble opens early. I LOVE the magazine section and I feel like there’s always a million mags I’ve never seen before.

Sometimes, after our romp around The Grove, we take the scenic route home through Brentwood and Santa Monica just to switch things up. We take Sunset all the way to the coast, head North on PCH and then take Topanga Canyon.

We recently purchased an iPad and I feel super spoiled with it. It’s a worthwhile purchase since I have an iMac. Rather than buying a laptop, the iPad is my mobile device. The day after we bought it, I hung out at Graffiti Cafe eating a yummy muffin, drinking a yummy latte and perusing my favorite digital magazines. It was a good day.

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