Friday, October 26, 2012

It feels like the weeks are just flying by doesn’t it?! I’ve been a little sick this week and sort of busy. Nothing notable, just my full time job, blogging and lots of little around-the-house stuff. One of those weeks, ya know? I’ve barely seen Lamont, which sort of sucks. I go to bed pretty early because I’ve been waking up at 5am to run. Meanwhile my husband gets out of work late, and sometimes has to go straight to his writing partner’s house to work some more. Which means, he gets home way past my bed time. This weekend we’ll get to spend a little time together… We’re going to visit my parents in San Diego. I’ve never looked forward to that drive so much, just so him and I can hang with no distractions.

I got some new boots in honor of the heatwave coming to an end. The day I put on those new boots, tights and a long sweater was pretty awesome. You can’t tell in this Instagram because my legs are so damn short, but they are cute ankle boots. We’ve had much cooler weather lately and I’m loving it. Although today, major Santa Ana winds arrived and it warmed up a little bit. But the nights are cold and the wind is sort of fun, if you ask me.

That gorgeous bouganvilla is arched over the entrance to our small apartment complex. It’s one of the reasons I wanted this place. My parents used to have one over their front door until a tree fell and they had to re-do their entire front porch. I still miss that bouganvilla, but not the opossums that used to live in it. It was pretty scary walking out the front door and having one of those staring at you.

Vivian’s in Studio City is one of our breakfast spots when we don’t want to drive all the way to Phil’s. I’ve been trying to eat better and they have lots of options for that (plus the basic yummy stuff too). I’ve been getting the Huevos Rancheros, but the way they make it is just two corn tortillas, cheese in between, two over-easy eggs on top and lots of tomatoes and chopped bell peppers. I’ve been getting it without the cheese and it’s darn good… and healthy.

I was in Glendale for my dermatologist appointment and as I’m waiting for a red light under the 134 freeway, I turn to my left and see that cool artwork. I love finding those random pieces of art all over the city. Speaking of the dermo… I’m doing a 12-week program to get rid of sun spots and brighten my skin. It’s working fantastically, but part of the package is redness and peeling for the first six weeks. I’m completing week seven and still a little pink and peely. I’m so over it, but I’m biting the bullet because it’s working. If you’re interested, it’s the Obagi Program. It’s not cheap, but it works! It’s supposed to help with everything… wrinkles, sun spots, acne. My skin feels super soft and looks really fresh.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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