Monday, October 22, 2012

It was a very fun, productive weekend. Ironically, we enjoyed the cloudy weather by getting out a little bit on Saturday. After breakfast went to one of our favorite spots, the Farmer’s Market at 3rd + Fairfax. Although we like the Grove, we’re not huge fans of the disneyland-design. But, right next door is the Farmer’s Market, lots of eateries (including one of our favorite breakfast spots) and a bit of L.A. history. The board that hangs above the grocery carts in the image below gives a little background on the place. But basically, my grandmother used to frequent this spot. Yup.

After the farmer’s market, we headed to my niece’s soccer game where we also watched my brother coaching. My parents were in town so it was fun to see them too. The game was way out in Crescenta Valley, which was super far for us. That’s the thing about L.A., everything is so spread out. Yeah, we have more space and more sunlight then let’s say NYC, but it takes so long to get anywhere. And don’t get anyone here started on the lack of public transportation. Just don’t do it.

Side note, I don’t really like sun light. And yes, I was ecstatic that the entire weekend was gloomy.

The soccer experience left Lamont and I talking seriously about not having children. Unfortunately, this conversation comes up a lot lately since I just turned 35 in August. Get this, my brother and his wife have four soccer games every single Saturday, one for each kid and then my brother refs a game. It’s just silly. I know, we don’t have to do all that, but what if our kid asks us if they can join a soccer team? I don’t think pretending we’ve never heard of the sport will go over well.

So, that was the average part of my weekend. The awesome part was teaching myself a little CSS and tweaking the design of my blog. I spent the better part of Saturday evening figuring it out and by Sunday I was doing the editing. It was not only fun to feel in control, like if I wanted to change the size of my logo I could, but figuring it out on my own was pretty neat and a little empowering. Not that I know coding now, but I know more than I did on Friday.

In case you’re wondering, the need to swap out the colorful blog design for a more bold look started way back when I was first beginning the re-design. I was afraid the color palette was too much for the overall blog design and the colors would conflict with my content, possibly even effect the content I chose to blog about. During the last couple weeks, which were the first with my new blog design, my fears were realized. I love color, trust me! But, when I was writing a post on Saturday and considering not posting about something I thought was very cool because it looked horrible with my banner, that was it for me. I cannot feel hindered by my blog design. This new look, although dramatic, is a cleaner palette.

But hey, I’m dramatic, so if the shoe fits…

That, and the fact that the color palette was a little too perky for me. I love color and that’s why there is so much in my blog content, but I wouldn’t define myself by yellow, pink and turquoise. I consider myself more dark and moody, not perky. However, the new design is not completely without color… the accents of turquoise are just right in my opinion.


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