Friday, October 5, 2012

One of my favorite places to go in L.A. is the Farmer’s Market at 3rd + Fairfax. My husband and I are so happy to be back in L.A. after living in San Diego for a few years. San Diego is beautiful, but it’s not our L.A….

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We used to live in Park La Brea across the street from The Grove, which is right next door to The Farmer’s Market. We would walk over every weekend, sometimes even during the week. There’s some great spots to eat, but best of all there’s a great variety if you’re not sure what you feel like.

Photography 2

We typically head there in the morning, before it gets packed, and venture to our spot Phil’s Deli for breakfast. We sit at the bar and grub on some hash browns, pastrami and eggs. We sit there and imagine all the old Hollywood types – the Bogart’s, Bacall’s and Monroe’s – who most likely frequented The Farmer’s Market back in the day.

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While I grab my coffee at Starbucks, my man likes soda with his breakfast. Weird, but I sure do love the cute soda bar he goes to. (We got there even before the soda bar opened that day!)

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If you’re in L.A  and have never been to 3rd + Fairfax, get over there! There’s lots more to do in the area so it will be well worth the drive if you don’t live close.

I’ve been having fun with my camera lately, so stay tuned for more fun trips around L.A…. and maybe even elsewhere if we can finally take that honeymoon over a year later! Geesh


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[…] least twice a month my husband and I grab breakfast at Phil’s over at the Farmer’s Market. And then we do our loop around The Grove since it’s next door. We’re usually there […]

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