Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sometimes it’s cool street style that catches my eye, other times it’s just a great photograph…. And sometimes, it’s both.

fashion / PrettyHauteMess

fashion / PrettyHauteMess

Faux Fur Vest via My Wardrobe

Earrings via Of Matter

Ring via Of Matter

Pleather Pant via Psyche

V-Neck Top via J. Crew

Bracelet via Brick + Arrow

Wedge via Eileen Fisher

Image: Cest le Destin de la Mode


When I’m perusing e-mags and design blogs, the spaces that catch my eye the most are the unpredictable designs. I never would have paired peach-colored chairs with a white and black dining table, plus a rustic wood bench. But check it out, it looks amazing in this space found on SFGirlbyBay, designed for Cotton & Flax.

dining room ideas / PrettyHauteMess

dining room ideas / PrettyHauteMess

Unpredictability is always good, in fashion, interior design…. Hell, even in life. It makes everything just a tad bit more exciting.

The string lights, white floors and full house plant are beautiful details to an already cool dining room. I also spot a fun DIY near the window… There’s a vintage sconce with the glass shade removed and the bulb replaced with an Edison.

Here’s how to get the look…

Table / Dot & Bo
Chair / Hive Modern
Bench / Crate & Barrel
Pillows / Cotton & Flax
Vase / CB2
String Lights / Target
House Plant / Home Depot

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Like most everyone I suppose, I would love to make breakfast at home and casually eat at my desk before I started working. But alas, this is not possible for me right now. Instead, I have a fun position working with great people and that means going to an office every day for eight hours.

office details / PrettyHauteMess

A few months back, I was moved from the cubicle area to a shared office and it may have been the best thing that happened to me at work. And then yesterday, as I sat at my desk somewhere around hour-5, I realized that I have been so much happier at my day job lately. I thought I would share why for those of you looking for a little day-job happiness…

day job style / PrettyHauteMess

My (day-job) office as a blogger and photo stylist.

I recently got a better chair (although ANYTHING is better than the standard office chair I had before). Make sure you’re comfortable, such an important element for a good office.

I bring a really good pair of headphones with me which I use for podcasts and music. Mine are good enough that I can’t hear much else when they’re on and whatever I’m listening too sounds great. I’m sure most of you are more social than I am, but I enjoy zoning out in front of my computer and luckily, my job description allows me to do just that.

I brought a small pillow to the office for a little style. When I walk in each morning, I like to see some of my personality in an otherwise sterile office. It’s just a tiny element of design, along with my DIY garland (for a photo shoot) and a few pieces of artwork, but it all makes me feel better while I’m there. I can’t imagine spending too much money on my day-job office, but little details can go a long way, I’ve learned… (My pillow is from West Elm and no longer sold – but if you want to invest in a great pillow, head to Ferm Living!)

The most important thing I did to enjoy the work-day more…. I bought a coffee press for the office! If you like coffee the way I do, don’t rely on the office brew, it will destroy you. If you’re not a coffee lover, then just figure out a way to bring the beverages and snacks you love to the office. It also doesn’t hurt that I drink my coffee from a cool Society6 mug . (My “Death Before Decaf” mug is no longer sold but the same shop, K IS FOR BLACK has other cool mugs.)

Crappy photo credit: My own

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I’m dying to do some traveling, living in different places for a couple months at a time. No hotels, just apartments in different cities. At age 36, I’ve only been to Mexico City (to visit family) and a road-trip across the U.S…..

I’m itching to go a little further.

Since I’m not going anywhere tomorrow, take a little trip with me right now…………………….

travel / PrettyHauteMess

Reykjavik, Iceland

travel / PrettyHauteMess

Barcelona, Spain

travel / PrettyHauteMess

Stockholm, Sweden

travel / PrettyHauteMess

Paris, France

travel / PrettyHauteMess

Bruges, Belgium

If you’ve traveled for extended periods of time, I’d love to hear your stories…

Friday, March 21, 2014

If you frequent Pinterest like I do, then you’ve seen this living room. I love the balance between comfort and a clean, modern aesthetic. The mix of colors and patterns are perfect.

living room / PrettyHauteMess

Also, when I was growing up we had an orange leather sofa so I think it brings back memories…

living room ideas / PrettyHauteMess

Floor Mirror / Restoration Hardware
a. Anthropologie
b. Anthropologie
c. Anthropologie
Throw Blanket / Anthropologie
Task Lamp / Lamps Plus
Sofa / Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams
Wired Bottle / West Elm
Turquoise Vases / Zinc Door
Wood Bowl / Zinc Door
Area Rug / Zinc Door
Accent Table / Z Gallerie
Coffee Table / Z Gallerie

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

One thing I love to do is make multiple outfits with one piece. It’s fun to get creative and it’s also fun to make my wardrobe seem larger than it is. Especially right now since I’m not allowed to buy clothes, only home things (self-imposed)…

Jaime Tollas put together these outfits and I put together this little graphic to prove how easy it is to make multiple outfits with just one stylish shirtdress. Head over to Nest Studio Blog for all the links…

shirt dress / PrettyHauteMess

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Monday, March 17, 2014

I’ve had a little on-line shopping problem, thanks to Society6 and Etsy. Thanks A LOT guys. No really, thanks! Not that these are the only ones available, but these are my go-to sources for art and accessories…. But, if you want to shop all your art from Ikea be my guest (don’t do it!).

instagrams / PrettyHauteMess

The “Big Number Three” print is from Edu Barba on Etsy. He’s a Spanish artist with lots of cool typographical pieces to choose from. The number three is rad since it’s our first apartment together (and happens to be  Lamont’s favorite number too).

Jolie got an ally in the apartment with my new Society6 pillow from the shop of Wesley Bird.

Today, I received my “Death Before Decaf” mug from the Society6 shop K IS FOR BLACK (god, I love that name). Lots of cool stuff designed by Anna Dorfman.

Admittedly, I’ve bought more on-line, but you’ll have to wait to see my apartment tour coming soon…. Stay tuned!

Images via Instagram