Thursday, October 16, 2014

I’m doing a little work on our apartment, like buying all of H&M’s home decor. I’m also making some actual design changes to our office. I want to add some custom shelving on the wall between the office and the living room. I’m tired of the white console table we have there (which is actually a desk).

Shelving / Pretty Haute Mess

Image from Petra Bindel

We recently turned our dining room into a shared office, which gave the neighboring space a duel-purpose between the office and the living room. We currently have my old white desk there, playing the role of a console table, but I think shelving will look much better and accommodate both spaces better than a console does. Plus, I just want to get rid of that extra desk and get our books off the floor in the hallway.

I like this idea of stacked boxes above, especially the mixed natural wood and white finish. It’s also versatile enough to fit in any space and edit when we move, but it just doesn’t have the linear aesthetic that I want. Since our shelving will have a low profile, I think longer shelves would work better. To me, the boxes seem like a better idea for a vertical design.

Shelving / Pretty Haute Mess

Image from NY Times

I also just love a classic bookcase, stuffed with books and some home decor on top. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t be able to include any cool framed art above because of a huge window on our wall, but maybe at our next place…

Not only will our new shelving serve the office and living room, but it will also be right near our front door, so I plan on keeping a table lamp and bowl for keys up there too. Although, technically, our official entryway features a vintage hope chest and a hang-all, which I love.

Shelving / Pretty Haute Mess

Image from Barefoot Styling

I really want open shelving, but I had to save this image because I love it. These Ikea cabinets are perfect for a studio, but since our shelving will need to accommodate a living room and entryway in addition to the office, I’ll stick with the open shelving concept. I think it works better for all the different roles it needs to fill.

One thing I love about this shelving above is that it’s large and white… So I’m excited that we’re getting our big, dark wood table worked on. We’re adding the two 18″ leaves that came with the table and hiring someone to turn it into a white table for us. (Apparently it’s not as easy as sanding it down and just painting because of the finish that’s already on it and the finish that we’ll want on top of the new white paint. I’m secretly thrilled to not have to take on this project.)

We’re hiring the same wood-work guy to do our custom shelving, which I have attempted to draw up…

I have a background in interior design, but I worked in the FF&E department, not the CAD department, so my drawings and math are far from perfect. What I’m trying to say is, please don’t take the time to do the math and find my errors. It’s not much of a challenge and you’ll only be wasting your time.

Custom Shelving / Pretty Haute Mess

After looking around for inspiration, I keep coming back to the custom shelving in Victoria Smith’s San Francisco home. I love the combination of the naked wood with black sliding doors on the bottom. I also just like how open it is, the shelves aren’t too think or close together. Lastly, she included books, decor and art, but didn’t stuff the shelves full. The negative space in some places is nice.

However, our space is much different so I drew up something that I think will work well under our window and easily fit somewhere in our next home…

Shelving / Pretty Haute Mess

I’ve just sent my concept out for a quote so we’re far from finished, but I can’t wait!

Stay tuned for some sneak peaks along the way and the final project sometime in January….


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Dream Big / Pretty Haute Mess

Today is a big day in the Magee house.

Lamont has been a paid writer for several years now, working from home, coffee shops, etc. Along the way he’s had several crappy jobs, some worse than others. But everything changed Friday evening when he got a call from his agent…

He received his first staff writing job offer for a TV show. It starts today. He will finally get to sit in his first writer’s room.

In the Hollywood world, this is huge. Aside from finally getting paid what he deserves, this job will most likely lead to more dream writing gigs.

There’s really no way to express how proud I am, besides writing it out in this post. He got his first Final Draft software about seventeen years ago. He never went to film school, but rather taught himself how to write screenplays. He’s constantly ignored people, mostly family, telling him he’s wasting his time and should get a real job.

He taught me by example how to ignore everyone and just fucking do what you want. Eventually the hard work and perseverance will pay off.

For him, it finally has.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Not sure why, but I’ve been paying closer attention to bathroom designs when I’m trolling the internet for home inspirations. I’ve been finding some really nice designs lately and most of them are minimal and organic. I love this one below from Modern Home Decor, especially the black claw-feet of the free-standing tub, wood floors and white subway tiles. So, pretty much all of it.

Bath Accessories / Pretty Haute Mess

I can only do so much with my bathroom design in our current apartment, but that’s ok. Simple design is the best design so I’ve kept it very minimal.

My resolution, as the temperatures drop, is to take more baths. I’m always in a hurry and just end up taking showers, but I plan on lighting more candles and reading more books…

Bottom line, I’m excited for Fall and all the cozy bath times ahead…

1. Sisal Bath Scrubber via World Market

2.  Candle via William Sonoma

3. Sisal Bath Mitt via World Market

4. Bath Robe via Nordstrom

5. Soap Stones via CB2

6. Shower Curtain via Dwell Studio

7. Fringe Towels via Crate & Barrel

8. Bath Tea, Salts & Cream via Crate & Barrel

9. Room Freshenervia William & Sonoma

10. Bath Caddy via Bed, Bath & Beyond

11. Trash Can via Crate & Barrel

12. Bath Mat via Anthropologie

Thursday, October 2, 2014

H&M Home / Pretty Haute Mess

I’ve started round two of home shopping. Earlier this year, I finally designed our apartment after living with hand-me-downs and a 5′ sofa for way too long.

I actually enjoy designing in different stages and on a budget. Maybe because it’s what I’m used to, but I also think it creates an interesting challenge that usually leads to better design. If I could buy ANYTHING I saw and liked all at once, our home would probably end up looking like a showroom. No thanks.

All that being said, H&M Home is a good resource for cool home decor at great prices. These are a few things I have my eye on…

H&M Home / Pretty Haute Mess

I’m adding some shelving, which is great because now our books won’t be on the floor, lining the hallway anymore. Although, I didn’t hate it. I have my eye on some of these cool accessories to dress up the shelving.

I have a problem with blankets and pillows. We don’t necessarily need new ones, but when I find a pillow I love like this one, it’s over. And since we have a dog who likes to fight with our blankets for fun, I’d really like a blanket that doesn’t have snags and long strings hanging all over.

Image via H&M

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Great style is like rhythm, it’s not something that can be taught. This girl has it. Pretty much everything about her look is on point, down to the gloves. (At least I think they’re gloves, maybe they’re part of the jacket which would make it even cooler.)

pleated skirts / Pretty Haute Mess

This short haired, green-loving lady is only part of a stylish pattern I’ve been noticing lately. The sporty, yet refined pleated skirt is looking really good these days.

The key is to not dress it up, keep it casual. But if you must, pair it with a sweater and some awesome shoes. My favorite, besides the perfection above, is the grey look below with sporty kicks and a classic clutch.

pleated skirts / Pretty Haute Mess

Images: Top – Art Symphony; Set of 5 – The Sartorialist, Brit + Co, Harper’s Bazaar, The Sartorialist Instagram, The Sartorialist

Friday, September 26, 2014

inspiration / Pretty Haute Mess

*Print sold on Society6

Thursday, September 25, 2014

living room idea / Pretty Haute Mess

Whoever says art doesn’t make a difference in the design of a room is lying. Now, it may not always be the first thing selected in a room design, but that doesn’t mean it can’t.

I love these animal prints from Sharon Montrose. I could easily design a room around one of her prints.

So, I did… Inspired by this cool living room from Smitten Studio.

living room idea / Pretty Haute Mess